Published: February 20, 2024

Exploring the Finnish archipelago: General tips for traveling to Hotel Hyppeis in Houtskär

The serene island of Houtskär, nestled in the heart of Finland’s Archipelago Sea, is an ideal holiday destination nature lovers, but also for those who seek quietness, slow life and authenticity. Part of the Parainen municipality, our enchanting islands offers a blend of breathtaking natural landscapes, authentic cultural heritage, and a tranquil atmosphere. 

Being far away from the mainland doesn’t mean that you can’t reach us, opposite! The beautiful Archipelago Trail guides you through the islands and all the way to Houtskär. For those seeking a unique and eco-friendly ways to explore the Finnish archipelago, journeying to Houtskär by bike presents an adventurous and sustainable travel option. 

Our quick guide aims to equip you with all the necessary information and tips to embark on this remarkable journey, ensuring a memorable experience as you travel along the scenic route leading to Houtskär and our beautiful place – Hotel Hyppeis värdshus.

I realised I’d never been more detached from the rest of the world. It felt fantastic“*

Preparation for your journey

A highlight of this archipelago adventure is the popular Archipelago Trail, a route that weaves through the islands of Nauvo, Korppoo, Houtskär and Iniö, offering unparalleled views and a deep connection with the pristine nature of the area. The trail, accessible by both bike and car, serves as a thread that links the main islands, including Houtskär. 

Embarking on a journey to Houtskär, whether by bike or car, requires a little bit preparation to ensure a smooth and enjoyable trip. The Archipelago Trail offers stunning views and unique experiences, but it also demands respect for nature and readiness for its challenges. Here’s how to best prepare for your adventure:

For bikers:

  • Equipment Check: Ensure your bike is in top condition and you have quick fix package with you. It might be difficult to find a bike repair in the little villages.
  • Packing Essentials: Waterproof bags are a must for storing essentials. Weather on the archipelago can be unpredictable, so bring layered clothing, waterproof gear, and sun protection. And water bottle of course!
  • Navigation: While the Archipelago trail is well-marked, a detailed map of the trail could be handy. It also shows you many of the attractions along the trail.

For those travelling with car:

  • Ferries: Part of the charm of driving to Houtskär involves crossing waters via ferries. Check schedules in advance, especially during peak season, to avoid long waits (July is the busiest month, there will be some queues). But don’t worry, the ferries are in traffic all day long (except during the night). The ferries are free of charge (except from Houtskär to Iniö).
  • Route Planning: Familiarize yourself with the route. While GPS is helpful, having a physical map can be invaluable in areas with spotty reception. And believe me, there are some rare places where you’re out of reach! But that’s quite nice, don’t you think?
  • Accommodations and stops: Book your stays in advance, especially in the summer months. And don’t hurry, travel slow! Take your time, stop along the way, stay for a night or two, enjoy.
  • Attractions along the Archipelago Trail: Research points off interest along the Archipelago Trail for scenic stops, cultural sites, and local dining. There are really cute and cozy cafés along the road, for example (more of these coming up later).

With your bike tuned or your car checked, and all essentials packed, you’re almost ready to hit the Archipelago Trail and journey towards the beautiful island of Houtskär! We warmly welcome you to our place❤️.

This blog post aims to guide and inspire your journey to Houtskär, highlighting the essentials for a fulfilling trip. In our next blog post we’ll give you more detailed instructions and route descriptions  about how to get to Houtskär. 

Until then, have a great day!

Outi and Sam

PS. If you need further information on any specific aspect of traveling to Houtskär, or wish to explore another topic, just be in touch! We’re happy to help you:

*Quote taken from the article in The Guardian (from 2021)