The best way to experience the finnish archipelago

Enjoy life, let your body and soul rest, spend time with your loved one, nourish yourself with delicious food and good nights sleep.

Our boutique hotel is three ferries away from the mainland. We offer our guests a memorable stay by the sea. If you are looking for luxury in terms peacefulness, fresh air, a possibility to slow and calm down, connect with the nature in the middle of nowhere, we are the place to visit!

With warm hospitality we wish you will find your new home away from home with us.


Our hotel has 6 bright and beautiful rooms, all of them decorated honoring archipelago traditions and style. All rooms have shower and toilet and of course sea view.

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Our food is made with the best fresh ingredients available and locally produced always when possible. During the summer the menu changes every week, since our chefs also change. Read more about our visiting top chefs and let them surprise you.

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guest harbor

Right in front of the hotel and restaurant is our small harbour, well protected from windy weathers. Here you can enjoy quiet mornings, great food, drinks and friendly service.

Come for a day or two, or just for food and drinks from your summer cottage!

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Our story

“Such a beautiful place, and can you feel the silence? And what a feeling of peacefulness inside the house!”. This was our impression of this place when we visited it for the first time. Then we couldn’t even imagine, that couple of years later we would own this wonderful place.

We had the great pleasure of opening the hotel and restaurant in 2018 with fresh new ideas and concepts! It also gave us the opportunity to move to archipelago. Sam has spent summers in Houtskär since childhood, and Outi ever since she met Sam.

Houtskär, the archipelago, and its people have a very special place in our hearts. Every day we are amazed by the beauty, stunning nature, and the calming effects of this place. Not to mention the spirit of the of the inn itself, which emanates warmth and tranquility.

We are profoundly happy to be able to develop and promote tourism in our archipelago and to offer travelers a cozy and peaceful place to stop and relax in these amazing surroundings.In addition to accommodation, we want to pamper locals, boaters, cottage dwellers, and travelers with tasty cuisine prepared using locally produced ingredients.

Hotel and restaurant Hyppeis värdshus was originally a village school, built in 1904. The school ceased operation in 1969, after which the building has, among other things, housed a small textile factory, a handicraft shop, and some rental apartments.

In 2008, the municipality of Houtskär decided to renovate the school for restaurant and accommodation use. Before we, Outi and Sam, bought the school, it had already served several years as a summer restaurant and hotel.

Welcome to feel the same as we - beauty and peacefulness of this place!

Hotel Hyppeis facade in late srping
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What a beautiful discovery in the Swedish countryside - tastefully renovated old school house turned into a cosy hotel run by a very friendly hosting couple. Highlight were the sauna with view over the bay and the view from our room over the serene landscape.
Torsten E.
Torsten E.
11:07 16 May 23
Kaunis ja tunnelmallinen paikka! Yövyimme kaksi yötä ja söimme kaksi illallista ravintolassa. Huoneet ovat yksinkertaiset, mutta kauniit ja talo on kauniisti sisustettu. Ruoka oli erinomaista ravintolassa. Heillä on hieno konsepti, jossa eri huippuravintoloiden kokit tulevat viikoksi tekemään oman menunsa. Myös aamiainen oli todella hyvä.
Aksel H.
Aksel H.
18:54 16 Jul 20
Kiva ja pieni hotelli hieman syrjässä saaristossa. Huoneet pitkälle varattuja joten kannattaa varata hyvissä ajoin. Siisti huone, jossa sai olla rauhassa. Mukava sauna hienolla näkymällä. Ruoat fine dining -tyyppisiä, joten hinnatkin sen mukaisia. Illallismenyy vaihtuu viikoittain vierailevien kokkien myötä. Kolmen ruokalajin hinta illallisella n. 55€, mikä oli hintansa väärti. Kahta iltaa kauempaa ei tosin ole mieltä ruokailla kun viikoittain vaihtuvien ruokien lisäksi ei ole erillistä a la carte -listaa.Kylässä ei juurikaan muuta joten paikkana sopii rauhaa ja hyvää ruokaa etsiville hotellissä kävijöille tai hyvää illallispaikkaa etsiville veneilijöille.Nice remote place with splendid food.
Tommi R.
Tommi R.
16:39 25 Jul 20
Lounas pysähdys. Kannatti poiketa!👌 Valitettavasti ei tällä kertaa yöksi jääty, mutta seuraavalla kerralla varmasti. Viihtyisät huoneet ja ravintolan palvelu ystävällistä ja lohikeitto herkullista. 👌
Antti S.
Antti S.
12:29 04 Jul 21
Fantastic fine-dining in the middle of archipelago. When you want to taste something else than pizza.Arrival by boat looks complicated but if you open a pdf chart from homepage, there are goog instructions for safe approach.
Markku S.
Markku S.
15:10 20 Apr 22
Absolutely fantastic place, really a pearl on the archipiélago. Amazing location in a beautiful old school by the sea, full of beautiful and elegant details. The owners are just lovely, the service was excellent and the food by Johannes Berlin was soooooooo good.Thank you Hyppeis stuff. 🙏🏽❤️
Aaron Blanco T.
Aaron Blanco T.
06:49 24 Jun 21
Todellinen yllätys kesken lomamatkan. Ravintolan konsepti on minusta hyvä. Henkilökunta oli todella ammattitaitoista ja hinta/laatusuhde enemmän kuin erinomainen.Perheen pieninkin otettiin hyvin vastaan, vaikkei olekaan mikään perheravintola, vaan enemmänkin fine dining.
Jussi K.
Jussi K.
19:00 27 Jul 22
Aivan mahtava kokemus taas. Keittiössä on omaleimainen konsepti ja se toimii. Paikan tunnelma on rento, mutta elegantti. Siellä täällä hauskoja yksityiskohtia. Merellinen tunnelma on läsnä ja sijainti sopivan syrjässä ruuhkaiselta turistireitiltä. Tämä paikka pitää tietää ja tulla vasiten. Tulen taas, kiitos, aivan mahtavaa.
Antti H.
Antti H.
20:09 19 Jul 21
We were at a wedding here.The place is absolutely beautiful. We were lucky with the weather being perfect, but I can imagine the scenery pulling through even in the worst of storms.The main building, just a step from the water's edge, surrounded by lovely old local buildings, including a few cute boathouses, create a serene traditional festive setting.The rooms are absolutely adorable. Lovely interior decoration that accentuated the well finished modern amenities. You would never guess they were classrooms, the kitchen, etc. of an old school.Speaking of which: the main hallway, dining area and other communal areas are wonderfully decorated with artefacts from the building's school era. The old architecture also has not been forgotten when renovated to it's modern use; being brought to the forefront of the designs and decoration.
Pekka L.
Pekka L.
06:50 12 Jun 22
Täydellinen pikku paratiisi pidemmällekin visiitille sivussa suurista turistivirroista. Aivan upea, laadukas, rento ja konstailematon paikka ja ruoka. Henkilökunta todella ystävällistä, kaikessa näkyi suurella sydämellä ja kunnianhimolla tekeminen. Tänne pitää päästä uudelleen!
Tiina P.
Tiina P.
17:05 17 Aug 21
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