Responsibility is action, not only words

Corporate responsibility has been part of our every day business ever since we opened Hotel Hyppeis. It is concrete steps towards a better future.

• Purchases: We purchase products only from reliable partners who respect the responsible values. We prefer local and domestic products.

• Chemicals: All our room are accept by the allergy foundation and our cleaning service uses Only fragrance free cleaners.

• Intermediate cleaning: By your wish we can skip the intermediate cleaning and we change the towels during your stay only by your request.

• Sorting of waste: In our hotel rooms it’s possible for you to sort waste to mixed waste and bio waste. Bottles with deposit, metal and glass – you can leave on the table so during the cleaning we can do the sorting of the waste.

• Quality: Our intention is to ensure superior quality every step of the way – from farm to table.

• Reliable partners: We only work in partnership with the suppliers whose products we can trace. We know exactly where your food is coming from.

• Food safety: We are regularly visited by food safety inspectors, who guarantee that all our food is prepared in a safe and hygienic environment.

• Local food: We use locally grown food always when it is possible.

• Organic: We have minimum of 6 organic products we use in our kitchen.

• Re-used furniture and textiles: Most of our furniture and textiles are old treasures, that have found new home in our hotel.

• New life: Bed linen and towels we can’t use anymore will be woven to carpets for our hotel room.

• Cleaning: We have increased cleaning in the public areas.

• Social distance: We ensure that the rules for social distance are respected.

• We follow the guidelines provided by local health authorities.

• Read more about our Covid 19 actions here.

• Diversity and inclusivity: We cherish a culture where all people are valued and respected.

• Zero tolerance: We have zero tolerance to any discrimination.

• We speak gay: We are part of the LGBTQ community (click in the logo to read more)

we speak gay logo

• Saving the water: We will install water saving showers to all of our rooms.

• More organic: We intend to increase the number of gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian, vegan and organic alternatives even further.

• Bio waste: We investigate how we can finance a quick bio composter in our kitchen.

• Cotton pads: Instead of kertakäyttövanulaput our customers can pay reusable cotton pads for their own use.

Green Start label means that we are committed to increasing environmental awareness among our staff and our guests, as well as increasing energy efficiency, reducing water consumption as well as the environmental burden within our own industry of hotel accommodation.


Green Start Logo

We are on our way towards achieving the Sustainable Travel Finland label. The label is awarded by Visit Finland for companies that have undergone the whole programme and fulfilled the criteria about sustainable and responsible tourism.