A unique restaurant concept in the Finnish Archipelago

april 17, 2024

TEXTEN ÖVERSÄTTS TILL SVENSKA INOM KORT😊 At Hotel and restaurant Hyppeis Värdshus we like to think that we’re not just as a picturesque retreat, but also a culinary destination. According to the feedback we’ve gotten from our customers during the years, we are not alone in our thoughts. Let me tell you a true story: A couple from Helsinki drove back and forth on one day to our place, just to have dinner in our restaurant! 

Why did they do so? What brings people to our place every summer? We believe it’s the fact that in our cosy restaurant we offer a unique food concept, that captivates both gastronomy enthusiasts and casual diners alike. From midsummer until the end of August our kitchen becomes a stage for a weekly changing roster of chefs, each bringing their unique flair and vision to our menu.

The weekly chef rotation

The innovative chef rotation concept was born out of a simple yet brilliant suggestion by a friend. Why not have multiple chefs, each taking turns to lead the kitchen for a week? This idea quickly took off, starting with just four chefs during the first summer, and has grown to include nine chefs this season, some of whom are returning for their second or third summer, but we also have some “newbies”.

A pioneer among our chefs is Johannes Berlin, who has been with us from the start. Our friendship started from a sailing trip Sam was doing with his friends. Johannes was serving the best sandwiches ever Sam told me when he came home. The rest is history. Johannes has helped spearhead the concept, and through his wide professional network we have found the visiting chefs. Johannes has also grown to love the archipelago so deeply, that he now lives all year around in Houtskär. Besides his own week he is in charge of the kitchen.

A vision of seasonality and local produce

When we took over Hotel and Restaurant Hyppeis värdshus for eight years ago, we had a clear vision: we wanted to offer food that is straightforwardly delicious and made from locally sourced ingredients as much as possible. This not only supports the local economy and farmers, but also to ensure that our guests experience the seasonal flavours the archipelago has to offer. As our restaurant has grown during the years, it hasn’t always been easy to find enough ingredients. Our area of locally produced ingredients has become bigger, but still main focus is on ingredients produced in Finland.

The culinary experience

Each of our visiting chef bring their unique touch to the menu. The changing menu reflects a diverse range of styles and specialties, depending on their own culinary history and story. As our guest you can savour everything from traditional Finnish dishes with a modern twist to exotic flavours inspired by international cuisines. You might meet the chef from your favourite restaurant or like this summer, you'll be able to travel to Paris with chef Marlo Snellman

A visit to our restaurant should always be a holistic experience. Our wish is that you have a memorable evening at our restaurant, enhanced by a good selection of wines and other beverages. Friendly service and laid-back atmosphere are also very important to us, we want you be part of our happy summer family!

Whether you're passing by boat, bike or car, or planning an overnight stay, we’re here for you. Book your accommodation or a table for dinner, +358 40 175 9880 or info@hotelhyppeis.fi and experience the unique charm of our place.

Special Mondays

It’s important to note that while the visiting chef concept takes a pause on Mondays, the culinary journey does not. On Mondays we clean up the kitchen and make place for the next chef. The menu on Mondays typically reflects the previous week’s offerings. This way we avoid food waste, so there can be slight variations in the menu due to ingredients available.

We warmly welcome you to our place!

Outi & Sam

HotelFrom May to September
Vår restaurangFrom May to September
Breakfast: 8.30 to 10 am
Lunch: 11.30 am to 2 pm (Starting June 24th)
Dinner: 5 to 10 pm (First visiting chef starting June 17th)

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