Five stops along the Archipelago Trail: Discover free gems along the trail

mars 7, 2024

Along the Archipelago Trail from Parainen to Houtskari, there are many beautiful places worth stopping for and numerous free attractions. In this blog, I give you five tips that you should add to your travel plan. These tips offer both natural beauty and cultural experiences.

  1. Vanha Malmi (Old Malmi) wooden house area in Parainen
    In Vanha Malmi, you can admire the area's idyllic alleys and colorful wooden houses, which form a picturesque whole. Vanha Malmi is known for its well-preserved, traditional wooden house stock, offering a unique glimpse into the life and architectural style of bygone eras. The area is an ideal destination for those who enjoy peaceful walks and want to experience Finnish cultural heritage.

  2. Nauvo Church and church park
    Situated on a small hillside in the center of Nagu, the medieval grey stone church and its surrounding park are a splendid stopping point along the Archipelago Trail. The church was built in the 15th century, and its historic architecture offers fascinating details from different eras. The tranquil park area around the church is a beautiful place for a picnic.

  3. Archipelago Centre Korpoström in Korppoo
    The Archipelago Centre Korpoström is located about 8 km from the village of Korppoo and a little further away from the Archipelago Trail. The Centre offers abundant information on the archipelago's nature, history, and culture, providing a great opportunity to learn more about the life and environment of the archipelago. Additionally, the outdoor trails around the center offer fantastic opportunities to enjoy the area's nature. Note! Some exhibitions have an entrance fee!

  4. Houtskari Meditation path
    Located in the village of Näsby in Houtskari, meditation path (about 1,5 km long) offers you the chance to explore the typical nature of the archipelago. The path starts near the church entrance gate and follows the coastline. Along the way, there are several resting places where you can enjoy the view and take a dip in the sea to cool off. Visit also the beautiful Pyhän Marian church before or after your walk around the meditation path. Note! The meditation path is so new, that there’s no information available in web yet, but you'll find more information inside the church.

  5. Borgberg view tower in Houtskär
    In the village of Jervis, about 2 km before Hotel Hyppeis värdshus, lies the Borgberg view tower. From here you can enjoy magnificent views, even all the way to Åhvenanmaa on a clear day. The path to the top is short, only 50 meters, but the view from above is even more rewarding. You can access the tower almost all the way to the top by fine stairs. Use the stair also for workout if you want to have a fitness break. In spring and autumn Borgberg is a good spot for birdwatchers to observe migration streams.

These five free attractions offer a variety of experiences for nature lovers as well as fans of culture and history. The Archipelago Trail is full of stops that we hope will remain in your memory for a long time.

So, pack your spirit of adventure and prepare for a journey that promises beauty, discovery, and the joy of experiencing one of Finland’s most picturesque routes, all while keeping your wallet happily untouched.

We warmly welcome you to Houtskari / Houtskär!
Outi & Sam

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